2019 roadmap roadmap?


It’s nearly the end of February and there seems to be radio silence on producing a rust roadmap 2019 RFC, giving us less time to actually accomplish the goals of the roadmap when it accepted.

Is there something we (the rest of the community) can do to help the rust teams out here? (I’m not complaining – just genuinely curious what the teams are thinking as an outsider…)


It’s my responsibility and you should be hearing something very soon.


I remembered last year the roadmap came out in March. So i guess there’s still time.


@steveklabnik Do you have a rough draft of the RFC? I’m still rooting for rust -> Vulkan/SPIR-V…


Actually it was accepted at the beginning of March.


I’m eager to see it too, but I don’t wish for this thread to become an early discussion. Let’s please save it for the real RFC.


Yup, eager to see it.


Hey folks, it’s now been posted: The 2019 Roadmap RFC has been posted!

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(locking as obsolete. not strictly necessary, but a community member requested it in a flag and it seems like an okay thing to do here. feel free to DM if you think this was a bad idea)