The 2019 Roadmap RFC has been posted!

This RFC proposes the 2019 Rust Roadmap , in accordance with RFC 1728. The goal of the roadmap is to lay out a vision for where the Rust project should be in a year’s time.

The proposal is based on the 2018 survey, our annual call for blog posts, direct conversations with individual Rust users, and discussions at the 2019 Rust All Hands. Thanks to everyone who helped with this effort!

In short, 2019 will be a year of rejuvenation and maturation for the Rust project. Much of the focus is on strengthening our foundations and paying down debt , both technical and organizational.

Thanks to everyone for being patient while we got the roadmap together; it took a bit longer than we’d like, but I’m very pleased with the result! Furthermore, while I am the one opening this RFC, I’d like to thank @nikomatsakis for putting in a lot of work and revisions, and the teams generally, who put together their plans and gave feedback.


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