Rust release explorer

hi! i created a small tool to help aggregate the release notes data and related release issues. the goal is to make getting a sense of a specific release easier.

it will take some coordination between the rust team and i to make it so that issues are added to milestones appropriately, but i think it’s worth it.

would love feedback on ways to make it more helpful! thanks


This is great @ag_dubs. What are you future plans for it?

cc @nikomatsakis @nrc @pnkfelix part of the intent here is to surface the feature roadmap, and for this to work we need to be vigilent about putting tracking issues for upcoming features into the github milestones.

Can you spell out exactly what we are expected to do? I remember discussing it, but it's helpful to have it repeated. :smile:

@nikomatsakis I actually have forgotten the details myself. @aturon @steveklabnik probably remember.

So the way this thing currently works is that it shows any issue that’s been put on the milestone under that release. So the same way we have a release-notes tag, we probably want to put those issues, and possibly others, on said milestone. We weren’t sure if this was ideal, but we also wanted to actually build something so we could play around with it and discuss it instead of trying to do a bunch of work up front.

Pretty slick. It’s missing release notes for nightly and beta which is probably because they aren’t there yet. Rather than adding release notes at release for everything, you could possibly just have the PR author add a blurb to the notes when it is a highlight. It doesn’t seem too difficult but I don’t know how easy it would be to get people to do it or not…

hey! so this is a p functional prototype, but i’m excited to extend it to make it more relevant and useful to both the rust team and community members. mostly looking to ya’ll to see what would make it work best for you :slight_smile:

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