Rust 1.16 release status

Rust 1.16 is scheduled to be released March 16. It’s a modest release but there are some goodies in it like cargo check and several ergonomic improvements: release notes.

Oh, also there are 9 bugs filed against beta. Oh my! There’s less time than you might think to get these pinned down. Let’s do our best! I know we can. Last time we fixed all the bugs we knew about before release, and that was kinda great.

There are also 5 issues on the 1.16.0 milestone. This is the first release milestone we’ve used in a while, and it’s tracking a few things that must happen before the release.

To leave us breathing room in the schedule, please endeavor to have beta backports in by March 3. That is two weeks from now.

Beyond 1.16 there are more great things on the horizon: see release milestone predictions.


I just did a bit of triage of the open bugs and closed 3 as a few dupes. Of the remaining 2 are scheduled to be discussed with @rust-lang/libs, one has a PR against cargo, two are assigned to @arielb1, and one is assigned to me.

The one assigned to me I could use some help with, though. I haven’t been able to track down what’s happening yet and have been running low on time to give it a proper investigation.

Thanks @alexcrichton!

Question: the release notes don’t mention cargo check; is that an oversight, intentional, etc.? (Just happened to be poking around and noticed it.)

@chriskrycho It’s an oversight. The release notes need to be edited to add cargo check.

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OK, I’m all caught up on triage of 1.16 issues, and it’s looking pretty ok! Remember 1.16 comes out on 3/16. We’ll aim to start a build on 3/10. And it’s already 3/1!

There’s only one outstanding beta regression, and it’s a release blocker:

There are two additional things on the 1.16 milestone, but they are small matters.

A few new stable regressions have appeared, as well as nightly.

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