Beta 1.31 Code Freeze


Due to the more critical nature of the upcoming stable release, the beta branch will be frozen after Wednesday November 21st (next week).

This means that any beta-targeting pull requests must be queued (i.e., r+-ed) by that point (they can land later, just no new ones).

If you know of any work that is likely to need to land later, please comment below!


I know that @josh was working on some changes to how cargo reads the index, and stabilizing renaming dependencies in cargo.toml, that we were thinking of backporting.


I’m not working on the latter (someone else is doing that), and there’s zero chance the former (as brand new code) will or even should make beta.


Maybe a fix for ?


As a reminder, this is happening in two days.

If you have any PRs or changes you’d like to get into the 2018 edition then they must be submitted by Wednesday. Please make sure all PRs against the master branch are tagged with beta-nominated (at least). Also to track them I’m going to make sure they’re on the “Rust 2018 Release” milestone to ensure we have a one-stop shop of remaining work.

If you’ve got any final issues please make sure they’re also on the milestone and cc’d to the relevant teams to prepare a fix!