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Hey everyone! A quick set of notes on the upcoming release.

One thing is, you may have noticed that master says 1.1. This is accurate! We’ve officially forked off for beta:

What does this mean? Well, let’s re-review the release process real quick. On the day that 1.0 is released, simultaneously, we’ll branch off of master for 1.1-beta, and master will become 1.2-nightly.

This means that right now, the stuff that’s landing is going to be in 1.1, and so we have three weeks until 1.1 beta happens. Because we spent the first few weeks of 1.1-beta working on stuff that’s getting backported to 1.0, this period of work on 1.1-beta is a bit shorter. Primarily, it affects the critera mentioned in the branching thread. As that thread says:

Patches that should be backported to beta are rare, so reviewers should be selective. Potential beta candidates include fixes for security issues, fixes for regressions, major fixes to new features, and last-minute re-gating of new features due to beta feedback.

We’ll be a bit more liberal when backporting right now, for 1.0. As an example, Adding a lint denying transmute from &T to &mut T would normally not be backported to beta. However, as this is an important aspect of polish for a 1.0 release, it’s going to be backported. Furthermore, while generally speaking, documentation improvements will not be backported, for 1.0, I’ll be backporting basically all of them, as this beta period is when a lot of polish is happening.

We’ll tighten up for 1.1, but still may be a bit more lax. We expect the 1.2 series to be the first where ‘patches that should be backported’ will be truly rare, though of course, that may come about earlier.

While we’re all thinking about the 1.0 release, work on master is all about 1.1 now. We’ve already had one stable feature land, and expect several new unstable APIs in the next couple of weeks. These will gradually stabilize over the 1.1-beta period and beyond.



So now that no more features will be added to 1.0, is it time to reopen postponed RFCs? Is there a process for reopening them?



I’m not quite sure there’s any process other than “open a new RFC for that idea, which takes into account today’s Rust.”


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