Rust 1.16.0 prerelease testing

Rust 1.16 is released on Thursday. Builds are available now in the archives for testing.

URL is

Test rustup with

rustup update stable-2017-03-11

If you run into any issues please let us know!


Could we have a link to the release notes, please? I wasn’t able to find it quickly from the main website.

Release notes are always in this file:

Btw. "Lifetimes in statics and consts default to 'static. " is still wrong, as the feature wasn’t backported to the beta (this has been mentioned in the PR, but I guess nobody noticed it). I’m too busy ATM to send a PR to fix it, could somebody else do it?

I successfully tested all 4 windows builds with rustup, x86_64 linux, and one of the .msis.

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