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Hey all,

The new website does not currently link to the most recent blog post from the front page. We’d like to fix that! This is a request for someone from the community to implement that feature in a way that is entirely automated.

There’s a couple big steps that’ll need to be done to make this possible:

First, we need to implement tagging or RSS feeds for the blog. It’s a bit open ended, but we essentially want to generate a page on the blog, something like, which will contain a list of the release blog posts links.

That file should be generated based on post metadata, adding a key of release: true or something like that to the release posts.

Having done that, the next step is to use that file from the website!

The Rust version is already auto-updated today, and is queried and cached in this file. That is then templated into the index page here and here.

We’ll want to update the query to also download the file from the blog website, get the blog post associated with the release, and link to it from the front page.

If there’s a better way of doing any of these steps, we’d be happy to hear it; this is by no means a set-in-stone set of directions.

Please let us know if you’d be interested; and r? @Mark-Simulacrum on pull requests needed to implement this feature.


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