1.45.1 prerelease testing

See the blog post for details.

We would also appreciate feedback on the use of inside Rust rather than a dedicated post here for this -- the release team feels that this may help a wider audience see the prerelease posts, as the inside Rust blog is a lower-investment subscription than all of internals.

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Sure. I have it in my subscribed RSS streams.

My scratch build on Fedora looks good.

Having wider visibility seems good, but the problem I see is that the post doesn't tell how to offer feedback. Do we want rust-lang/rust issues? Simple comments here in internals?

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I think feedback in this thread is probably our best bet -- I think issues on rust-lang/rust are much more likely to get missed.

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So you're saying there will still be a thread on internals as well as a blog post?

Yes, and in the future we can point at said thread from the inside rust blog post.

Seems to be a bad pattern matching regression: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/74954

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