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Hi folks,

I have noticed that links to the first edition of the Rust Programming Language book now end up at an intermediary page. While the URLs are not broken strictly speaking and it’s clear where to find the content, it takes couple of seconds and some confusion to figure out what is going on and continue to a chapter. It would be nice to get to the content without an additional click. No one likes when links no longer work after all.

I understand that this is not an easy puzzle to solve as on one hand we want to have links leading to up to date content but on the other hand the book is probably restructured between the two editions and not all old chapters have a direct mapping in the new book. Maybe something in the middle can be done: use new link if available and fallback to the old one.

What do you think about it? Am I overthinking the issue?

Depending on the resolution, is it a good idea to update links from third party websites (e.g and to what edition of the book?

Thank you for taking time to consider it.

  1. An example link to the Ownership chapter.

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Please see some relevant discussion on this issue to explain the reasoning behind this. Thanks!

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