No love for the edition-guide?



There are some pending issues for the edition-guide that I feel are being ignored longer than expected.

Shouldn’t the edition-guide be made a first class citizen by now?


All of these things are certainly fixable; they just need people to put in the work. It’s on my list of stuff to do, but I can’t guarantee when I’ll do them.

Yeah; I thought @nrc had moved stuff out of the nursery but apparently not everything. still exists side-by-side with, and google/duckduckgo searches land on the rust-lang-nursery version. (See and

Yes; we need someone to create redirect pages.

Being part of the main trains means that there’s some lag. This particular change will make it in next time the submodule is updated, and then move from nightly to beta to stable like anything else.

Neither nor link to the edition-guide.

These are things that just need PRs.


I started by moving some of the tools repos, but there is a lot still left to do. I’ll do it when I can find time, but if anyone else wants to move some repos, that would be awesome


It’s all good!


Thanks for the clarifications, @steveklabnik and @nrc


I opened the PRs:


Thank you! I’ll check them out tomorrow.