CLI WG newsletter #1


Welcome to the first ever CLI working group newsletter!

The CLI WG’s goal is to make writing cross-platform, well-tested, modern command line applications in Rust frictionless.

What we are currently discussing

Here are some of the most active issues we have been discussing:

Help wanted

Currently, we are figuring out which concrete issues we need to solve. To help us with that, please fill out this short survey if you haven’t already!

Other than that, we are trying to help with design work and coordination to push some important crates towards their next major release (e.g., assert_cli 1.0 and clap 3.0). This will most likely mean we’ll have a good set of well-documented and beginner-friendly issues here in the next newsletter issue!

Join in!

We keep track of open discussion in this repo and you are very welcome to join us on Gitter to chat about what you want

This newsletter will be released every two weeks. If you want to get something mentioned, leave a comment on this issue.

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