The Embedded Working Group Newsletter - 3

This is the third bi-weekly newsletter of the Embedded WG where we highlight new progress, celebrate cool projects, thank the community, and advertise projects that need help!

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Embedded Projects

If you have an embedded project or blog post you would like to have featured in the Embedded WG Newsletter, make sure to mention it on the tracking issue for the next newsletter, we would love to show it off!

  • japaric released an initial version of cargo-binutils, which will allow you to use LLVM’s binutils (like nm, size, objcopy, etc.) in the format cargo objcopy (once issue 49584 has landed)
  • myeisha released the first version of their thumb2-stack-size tool, which helps determine the maximum stack size used in embedded code

embedded-hal Ecosystem Crates

As part of the Weekly Driver Initiative, crates that are part of the embedded-hal ecosystem are now tracked in the Awesome Embedded Rust repository. Here is a current snapshot of what is available there:

Type Status Count
Device Crates released 13
HAL Impl Crates released 10
Driver Crates Released released 7
Driver Crates WIP WIP 26

Help Wanted

  • We need help working on RFC2070, stabilizing usage of custom Panic behavior. nagisa is willing to mentor!
  • If you use inline assembly in your Embedded Rust programs, help us capture what assembly operations are used most often so we can stabilize them as intrinsics

Thanks for all your work on this! I’m an embedded developer getting started with Rust. Very excited about Rust on embedded devices.


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