The Embedded Working Group Newsletter - 1


This is the first newsletter of the Embedded WG! We will be releasing this newsletter on a bi-weekly basis, and we are looking to highlight new progress, celebrate cool projects, thank the community, and advertise projects that need help!

If you want to mention something in the next newsletter, make sure to leave a comment on the issue!


Embedded Projects

If you have an embedded project or blog post you would like to have featured in the Embedded WG Newsletter, make sure to mention it on the tracking issue for the next newsletter, we would love to show it off!

embedded-hal drivers

This is a list of recently released drivers that are part of the Weekly Driver Initiative. There are currently 5 Released Drivers, 14 WIP Drivers, and lots of TODOs!


Help Wanted

If you have an embedded project that could use contributors or maintainers, leave a comment for the next newsletter!

  • We are pretty close to being able to use LLD to link Rust programs compiled for ARM Cortex-M but there are some LLD bugs that still need to be fixed. Help reporting these bugs upstream would be greatly appreciated!
  • Incremental compilation is in the roadmap for this year but it doesn’t work with no_std binaries due to an old rustc bug related to linking. Help us fix it! There’s a proposed solution here.
  • We want to explore stabilizing some assembly operations in core as an alternative to the unstable asm! macro. We would love some help identifying the assembly operations that need to be provided this way as some can be implemented in external assembly files without losing semantics. Details in issue #63.

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