The Embedded Working Group Newsletter - 9


This is the eighth ninth newsletter of the Embedded WG where we highlight new progress, celebrate cool projects, thank the community, and advertise projects that need help!

If you want to mention something in the next newsletter, make sure to leave a comment on the issue.


  • The Embedded Working Group has moved! You can find our new coordination repo at rust-embedded/wg on GitHub, and crates maintained by the working group in the rust-embedded organization
  • The Embedded Working Group has grown! We are now 18 people grouped in the following 6 teams to allow for better focus on these topics:
    • The Cortex-M team develops and maintains the core of the Cortex-M crate ecosystem
    • The HAL team develops and maintains crates that ease the development of Hardware Abstraction Layers, Board Support Crates and drivers
    • The MS430 team develops and maintains the core of the MSP430 crate ecosystem
    • The RISCV team develops and maintains the core of the RISCV crate ecosystem
    • The Resources team develops, maintains and curates resources on embedded Rust
    • The Tools team maintains and develops core embedded tools

Embedded Projects

If you have an embedded project or blog post you would like to have featured in the Embedded WG Newsletter, make sure to mention it on the tracking issue for the next newsletter, we would love to show it off!

  • rust-lang/rust#52787 has landed, adding support in nightly for the RISC-V architecture as a bare-metal target!

embedded-hal Ecosystem Crates

As part of the Weekly Driver Initiative, crates that are part of the embedded-hal ecosystem are now tracked in the Awesome Embedded Rust repository. Here is a current snapshot of what is available there:

Type Status Count Diff
Device Crates released 14 0
HAL Impl Crates released 11 0
Board Support Crates released 9 +1
Driver Crates Released released 11 0
Driver Crates WIP WIP 38 +3
no-std crates released 12 0

Help Wanted

  • We're considering changing to LLD as the default linker for thumb targets. Check out the RFC at rust-embedded/wg#160, and let us know what you think

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