Networking WG newletter #1


This is the first newsletter of the new Networking Services WG. Our goal for Rust 2018 is to solidify the foundations of the networking story in Rust, including async I/O, shared interfaces, and documentation.

Updates on async/await

  • The RFC introducing async/await syntax is in its final comment period and, barring any last-minute issues, should be merged in the next few days! @withoutboats is beginning a preliminary implementation.

  • There’s a new RFC revising our proposal for the standard library support needed for async/await. The main shift is to provide a more gradual migration path toward “pin”-based APIs, which we’re still learning how to work with effectively. @aturon is actively working on a futures 0.3 branch embracing this approach. Help wanted: once the foundations are in place, there will be a lot of parallelizable work here; please let @aturon know if you’re interested in helping with futures 0.3!

Updates on futures

Broader discussion

  • Several people have asked about low-level networking, e.g. implementation of a TCP stack. The WG would love to assemble a critical mass of folks interested in this space to help drive efforts there and to inform work elsewhere. There’s a general issue you can use to get discussion going.

Join in!

You can find ongoing discussion in the issue tracker and the Gitter channel.

This newsletter will be released regularly. If you’d like something mentioned in the next instance, please leave a comment here.



I’d be interested to hear more about how to help with futures 0.3.



Hi. I’m a newbie to Rust (background in C, Objective-C, Swift, and Python). How can I help?


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