CLI WG newsletter #3


CLI Newsletter issue #3

Hello and welcome to the third issue of the CLI working group newsletter!

The CLI WG’s goal is to make writing cross-platform, well-tested, modern command line applications in Rust frictionless.

In case you missed it: In our last issue we featured the results of our survey.


Active topics

Noteworthy crates

This week, we wanted to add a section to feature some crates that people might be interested in. The survey showed that a lot of people indified some gaps in the ecosystem for which there are already some good crates.

This week is about two crates for adding interactivity to your CLI. This is especially interesting because the CLI WG is currently not focussing on that aspect at all (we try to stabilize other fundamental things).

Join in!

We keep track of open discussion in this repo and you are very welcome to join us on Gitter to chat about what you want

This newsletter will be released regularly. If you want to get something mentioned, leave a comment on this issue.



It seems that “Packaging” link is wrong. (It goes to “Testing” instead.)



Thanks! That’s what I get for typing issue numbers manually I guess :slight_smile:


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