Wanted: Translators for Rust Survey 2020

Hello! We're trying to organize the 2020 survey, with the goal of launching the survey next week (probably next Thursday).

In an effort to get things moving quickly, we decided this year to simply run the same survey almost unedited (we deleted one question). We plan therefore to re-run the existing translations (almost) unedited, so we don't need help in translating questions (unless you wanted to introduce a new language). However, we do still need translators to help in translating the responses back into English for later processing. Maybe you would be willing to help in that effort?

If you are interested in helping us to do translation, please join us in the rust-lang Zulip. The stream is t-community/rust-survey-2020, or feel free to ping if you have any problems finding it.

As of this writing, we definitely need help for the following languages:

  • Polish
  • Vietnamese
  • German
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Russian

However, if you are interested in doing translation for another language, please feel free to drop in on Zulip and say hi -- it's always useful to have more people to help share the load.


I can help with spanish.

I can help with spanish as well.

I can help with Polish. I'll drop on Zulip; feel free to ping me there if needed.

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