How can I help regarding internationalisation and translation of documentation?

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Following Centril recommandation, I forward this post from users

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Following an advice of @TomP I would like to dedicate some resources in “building a localizing dictionary of Rust error message templates together with their translations. And as a next phase from that maybe create a postprocessor for piped Rust compiler output, which could provide a localized translation of those error messages whose templates were in the dictionary (with any other error messages left untranslated)”.

Also I would be more than happy to help translate official documentation and website, but looking at the page contribute translations, there is not much guidance.

On a side note, I would recommend to change “Rust is universal” to something more engaging like “Rust strive to embrace cultural diversity, help us to foster it universally”.

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According to this issue, the official team haven’t decided to choose which method for i18n/l10n. I commented there but no reply.

Hey there!

We’re still working on getting the proper infrastructure set up here. The book has the ability to be translated, but the website and standard library docs are an ongoing thing.

In addition to translating the book and textual portions of the website and standard library, as mentioned in the prior post, my proposal that the OP cited was to translate the more complex error message patterns produced by rustc. That suggestion was based on item 3 of two posts of mine on u.r-l.o.

As of last May, rustc had about 5000 error message templates. Translating even 1/3 of those would probably be a substantial help to new ESL (English as a Second Language) Rustaceans, particularly for errors related to traits and associated types, lifetimes, and the borrow checker.

Ho, great, I think I’ll start with a translation of the book then. :slight_smile:

For reference, the issue Esperanto translation was launched as a next step to this discussion.

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Is there a plan on how to translate the standard library since it is based on Rustdoc ?

Some time ago, I made a Pre-RFC to make rustdoc handle translations, but I did not get much feedback. I may be interested to work on that if it can help with you plan.

There is no real plan at this time. Working on one would be great!

Hi Uther. Thank you the proposal. I guess that surely it would greatly help the internationalisation if you would take care of integrating translation facilities into rustdoc. Translating the standard library seems indeed a good step, as it both will deal with most common components developers will have to deal with and cover already decently large enough base on which leverage most further translations where needed.


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