Vagrant box for rust core development


Hey Folks,

At the meet up for getting started contributing to rust, there was a little difficulty provisioning amis for developers to get started working on rust. I put together a vagrantfile to set up rust development.

The steps to get setup are

  1. Install Vagrant
  2. git clone
  3. cd rust-dev-box
  4. vagrant up (Step 4 takes a while, maybe get coffee and go for a walk.)
  5. vagrant ssh

And you’re in a box set up for developing against rust-lang/rust.

Thanks, Earl St Sauver



Nice. I had my own version for doing this, but hopefully we can have a working Vagrant box so new people can get into the language with more ease.



Hey @hjr3,

That’s great! If you have your Vagrantfile floating around somewhere, I’d love to eyeball it for comparison purposes.

Also, I published a “Box” version on Hashicorp’s page. This way the box’s setup steps have already been run, which should make the start time to being able to develop really fast.




Have you guys figured out how to get debugging / linting / autocompletion working with a local IDE using remote vagrant host to compile / run the code? I was able to get remote execution work using a VScode build task, but I couldn’t get the hinting / auto completion without installing rust on my windows machine.


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