Vagrant box for rust core development


Hey Folks,

At the meet up for getting started contributing to rust, there was a little difficulty provisioning amis for developers to get started working on rust. I put together a vagrantfile to set up rust development.

The steps to get setup are

  1. Install Vagrant
  2. git clone
  3. cd rust-dev-box
  4. vagrant up (Step 4 takes a while, maybe get coffee and go for a walk.)
  5. vagrant ssh

And you’re in a box set up for developing against rust-lang/rust.

Thanks, Earl St Sauver


Nice. I had my own version for doing this, but hopefully we can have a working Vagrant box so new people can get into the language with more ease.


Hey @hjr3,

That’s great! If you have your Vagrantfile floating around somewhere, I’d love to eyeball it for comparison purposes.

Also, I published a “Box” version on Hashicorp’s page. This way the box’s setup steps have already been run, which should make the start time to being able to develop really fast.