The WG-net vision for Rust 2018


We recently rebooted the group, and since then have had two “all hands” meetings (with a roster of 40+ people):

The big news is that we’ve established three major areas of work, each of which has a dedicated subgroup, pair of leaders, and Discord channel for discussion.

Check out the details on our new dedicated site!


Is there any alignment betwen WG-net and tower effort? Web Foundations subWG raise goal looks very similar to recently anounced tower-web and warp.

On somewhat related note, the raise blogpost mentions venerable flask created by @mitsuhiko who is currently involved in actix-web, it would be awesome to get his 2c.


The goal of the Rise work is to improve and document crates in the web ecosystem that will benefit all web frameworks in Rust. For sure this will mean working closely with the tower, tower-web, and warp projects (and others!) to help find opportunities for using shared components, and otherwise to help build or integrate pieces that are missing.

Indeed! @mitsuhiko is part of the WG and has been participating in meetings setting the direction for the WG, as well as some chats about what he sees as the main gaps in Rust’s story here.