Call for participation: Async vision doc effort

I wanted to call attention to this recent blog post, "Building a shared vision for Async Rust":

The Async Foundations Working Group believes Rust can become one of the most popular choices for building distributed systems, ranging from embedded devices to foundational cloud services. Whatever they're using it for, we want all developers to love using Async Rust. For that to happen, we need to move Async Rust beyond the "MVP" state it's in today and make it accessible to everyone.

We are launching a collaborative effort to build a shared vision document for Async Rust. Our goal is to engage the entire community in a collective act of the imagination: how can we make the end-to-end experience of using Async I/O not only a pragmatic choice, but a joyful one?

We are actively looking for folks to contribute and participate in this effort, so please read the blog post to learn what it's all about!


If I want to get involved, where do I start? Zulip?

Here: ❓How to vision - wg-async-foundations

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