Final async/await testing push

Howdy Rustlers!

We’re nearing close to the stabilization of async/await, and we could use your help getting across the finish line.

Feature-wise, we’re still waiting on this PR, which allows multiple lifetimes to appear in the arguments of async fn, and this PR to melt some ICEs. What we really need now, though, is more tests!

As we’ve been iterating in nightly, we’ve seen a number of issues open up on rust-lang/rust that would’ve been caught much sooner if we had a more complete set of tests for async/await. With that in mind, we’ve written up a short doc with a list of testcases, including ones that are already covered, and ones we’d like to see covered.

If you’re interested in helping out, open up that doc and comment on test cases you’d be interested in submitting. If you don’t have time to open a PR, feel free to add a playground link to a test, and we’ll make sure to include it in one of our changes.

Thanks all, and happy testing!


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