Async/Await Abstract Pattern behaviour tweak, from prior experience and motivation



I am busy formulating a document, base on my extensive use of async and await in other languages, in which I tweak the existing await/async pattern in typescript and c#, so that it would be more usable.

I would like to make you a where of this, so that rust my potentially learn from my experience and mabye be the first to tweak, their async/await promise pattern, since they are still in the early stages, this may provide them with insight.

I think I have managed to figure out better abstraction and way to genetical describe this pattern an abstract it, so after alot of present my different case pros, cons, I have now what I feel is final summary, which brings everything togatheir. I will now start working on examples, based on the summary to demonstrate why I feel the tweak to the current async await pattern, allows one alot more flexibility, improve communication for discusion making at all levels in ones code, as communicates intrinsic out, subtlely, less verbose and allows existing callback functions to work from off the block( the get go start)


Async/Await series
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