Announcing the 2018 Domain Working Groups!

The fine details of the 2018 Roadmap RFC are still being discussed, but there is strong consensus on the core proposals. One of the key aspects of the roadmap is highlighting four domains where we feel Rust can present a strong story in 2018.

For each of these domains, we’re forming Working Groups which will report directly to the Core Team. The goal of these groups is to focus on the end-to-end user experience of using Rust in each domain. That work can involve the language, compiler, libraries, tools, documentation, discoverability, and more. The WGs will make RFCs and recommendations for other teams, do implementation and documentation work, and generally coordinate our work to ensure that we have a polished product for the Rust 2018 epoch release. They will also supply material for the revamped website, which will have dedicated pages for each domain, both for marketing Rust’s strengths in those domains, and helping people get started.

To get an idea of what this kind of “end-to-end” focus looks like, take a look at @killercup’s excellent blog post about his Quicli library and Rust’s CLI story.

Today I’m happy to announce that we have commitments from fantastic people to lead all four of these working groups!

  • Networking services: @withoutboats and @cramertj, focusing on the end-to-end experience for both sync and async networking code, in coordination with the growing ecosystem in this space.

  • WebAssembly: @fitzgen, focusing on the end-to-end experience of embedding Rust code in JS libraries and apps via WebAssembly.

  • CLI apps: @killercup, focusing on the end-to-end experience of writing CLI apps, both large and small, in Rust.

  • Embedded devices: @japaric, focusing on the end-to-end experience of using Rust in resource-constrained environments and non-traditional platforms.

Each of these leads will be responsible for setting up and organizing their WG; you should expect to hear more from each of them in the next couple of weeks.

With such an all-star lineup, it’s clear that Rust 2018 is going to knock all of our socks off!


This sounds great! Is there a process in place yet for people to volunteer to join one of these working groups?


Not yet -- each lead will be setting up something appropriate for their domain. There should be dedicated posts for each domain in the next 1-2 weeks.

If you’re interested in WebAssembly, come join #rust-wasm on and file issues / send PRs to!


@killercup, where are you wanting conversations to take place for CLI?


Very good question. I’ll officially kick off the working group over the next week once I decided on a good format, so expect news very soon.

Until then, ping me here, on Twitter, or via email if you have any interest in it! I’m sure we’ll do most discussions in the open, so it’s totally fine to start some of them right now :slight_smile:

Hi @killercup sorry if I missed it but did you setup a communication channel for the CLI WG?

I have invited you.

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Hey @japaric, and word on the Embedded Devices WG?

Rust+WebAssembly dedicated thread: Come Join the Rust and WebAssembly Working Group!

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Very happy to see @japaric on the embedded side as that area needs the most love IMO. I’m excited to see where these working groups take us!

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