[SOLVED] [Proposal] Add components availability history into nursery

Hi everyone! Some time ago I’ve developed a rather simple tool to monitor history of rustup components availability: post on reddit, repo, webpage with the results. As per discussion in rust-lang/rustup.rs, I propose to include the tool into the rust nursery and make it “official” :slight_smile:

I totally realize that first of all it requires some effort to maintain yet another tool (be it a cron-like job or a hook somewhere), and second of all most probably the tool needs some refactoring/reshaping to comply with the standards of how an official rust tool must look like. I don’t know if I can help somehow with the first item, but I’m eager to make any changes required to the tool itself :slight_smile:



I totally agree - this is an excellent tool and I also would like to help with any necessary changes to the tool code to make it acceptable.

The tool is extremely useful and I use it before every rustup update call, so that I even made a PR to include a link to it into the rustup.rs page - just to have it 1 click away at all times.

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Thanks for proposing this!

I added the proposal to the infrastructure team’s meeting agenda. We meet every Tuesday at 18:00 UTC on #infra on Discord, if would be awesome if you can join when we discuss it! I can’t guarantee we’ll discuss it this Tuesday though, we have a lot of stuff in our agenda.

I’m also on Discord if you want to talk about the setup we’re using for tools like your one :smiley:

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Yay, thanks @pietroalbini! Looking forward to join the meeting :slight_smile: Although I’d say there’s no rush and it’s perfectly fine if the topic gets postponed for another week or two (hope not more though :smile:).

The infrastructure team discussed this on today’s meeting, and we decided to move the tool over to rust infrastructure! We don’t know in which organization we will transfer the repo to yet, and we’ll discuss that at the All Hands (4-8 February 2019).

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So the project has finally made its way into rust-lang! :smile:

The repo: https://github.com/rust-lang/rustup-components-history

The website: https://rust-lang.github.io/rustup-components-history/

I would like to thank the rust team and everyone who made the decision to make the tool an “official” rust tool, and special thanks go to @pietroalbini for all his patience and guidance!



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