Rust 1.71.1 pre-release testing

The 1.71.1 pre-release is ready for testing. The release is scheduled for August 3. Release notes can be found here.

You can try it out locally by running:

RUSTUP_DIST_SERVER= rustup update stable

The index is

The release team is also thinking about changes to our pre-release process: we'd love your feedback on this GitHub issue.

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One day the rendering works, another day it doesn't. What's going on, GitHub!? :grin:


FYI, I am not able to build it using 1.71.0 version.

The build error out with: Unexpected rustc version: 1.71.0, we should use 1.70.x/1.71.1 to build source with 1.71.1.

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A fix for the version check has been posted at bootstrap: config: fix version comparison bug by kaniini · Pull Request #114440 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub.

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Enough… I’m taking counter-measures!

Install a markdown viewer extension, activate it for in the extension settings

Set up an automatic redirect from https://github\.com/rust-lang/rust/blob/(stable|beta|master)/RELEASES\.md(#.*)? to$1/$2



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