Regression reports stable-2015-09-17 vs. beta-2015-10-02/nightly-10-06


stable-2015-09-17 vs. beta-2015-10-02

stable-2015-09-17 vs. nightly-2015-10-06

Lot’s of reported regressions. I haven’t looked at them yet.


Had a quick look through to find the relevant issues:




Maybe be backported to beta?

Other than that, I didn’t see any surprises looking through the regressions.


Awesome! Thank you for doing the analysis @Eljay @eefriedman.

The cuckoofilter breakage was because of a bug that allowed it to import in a use list an unstable feature, which is fixed by


is this related to any known issue?


Even though it was allowed because of a bug, fixing said bug is a breaking change. I’d personally expect such changes not to happen, considering the "commitment to stability".


It’s just a missing bound. Not sure why this particular formulation triggers an error, as opposed to an RFC 1214 warning. Reduces to:

use std::ops::Deref;
pub struct CsMat<N, DataStorage> where DataStorage: Deref<Target=[N]> {
    _data: DataStorage,
pub struct ChunkOuterBlocks<'a, N> {
    _mat: CsMat<N, &'a [N]>,
fn main(){}

Understood, thanks.

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