Regression report stable-2015-08-06 vs. nightly-2015-08-27



  • 2886 crates tested: 1478 working / 1062 broken / 15 regressed / 175 fixed / 156 unknown.


  • There are 7 root regressions
  • There are 15 regressions

Root regressions, sorted by rank:

Non-root regressions, sorted by rank:

Full Report.


Regressions in some key crates.

  • cannot infer lifetime, conflicting requirements - nickel
  • ICE! - piston_gfx-texture, glium_text, lux
  • timeout (false positive?) - netlib-blas-provider
  • unresolved std::hash::hash (bugfix?) - cuckoofilter
  • unused_mut (lint change) - rustache

Anybody know what PR caused the std::hash::hash resolve change? Presumably std::hash::hash never existed.

Is there an issue for the ICE? It should be high priority.

cc @nikomatsakis

Regression report stable-2015-08-06 vs. nightly-2015-09-04

cuckoofilter is importing std::hash::hash but not using it. This unfortunately made removing that function (it was removed) a breaking change.

Proof on playpen

Sneaking in unstable imports is possible if it’s in an import list – use std::hash::{Hash, hash};

Issue #28075

Regression report stable-2015-08-06 vs. nightly-2015-09-04

@brson I can’t reproduce that ICE on the current master.


Great! I’ll get another report out asap.