Regression report beta-2015-04-03 vs. beta-2015-04-17


This time we’re comparing the first beta of the cycle, 1.0.0-beta, to the most recent, 1.0.0-beta.2, so this covers two weeks of changes since the beta began.

This time there are 6 reported regressions, compared to 2 last week. Notably, leveldb is no longer reported as regressed; I think this is because they’ve published a new revision, and this test is only for the most recent revisions.

The reasons for the regressions are assorted:

  • Conflicting implementations of core::convert::From - mm_image.
  • Thread::scoped made unstable - redlock, redlock-rs.
  • More restrictive fat pointer conversion - rust_events.
  • Some scalar conversion appears to no longer work - expecttest.
  • us suffix - rustyham.


  • 1060 crates tested: 370 working / 676 broken / 6 regressed / 8 fixed.


  • There are 6 root regressions
  • There are 6 regressions

Root regressions, sorted by popularity:

Full Report.



Just noting here, not sure if it matters:

My (binary) crate was also broken, but by the addition of a type parameter to JoinHandle. Any code which returned a JoinHandle was broken. Easy fix changing JoinHandle to JoinHandle<()>, but it is a noticeable breaking change.



This was duly noted in the breaking changes log (which is just a filtered git log), but with the then mistaken remark that no code was expected to break. So, @daboross, the contributors usually have a good grasp of what is a breaking change, but I’m sure the feedback helps to gauge what changes matter for real code.

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I believe some of the failures are caused by non-Rust problems; e.g., libsqlite3-sys fails because it uses pkg-config to find libsqlite3, which fails.

Is this something that could / should be fixed, or do you think it’s a small enough effect that it’s not worth worrying about?



@jgallagher It definitely should be fixed! My short term plan is to set up the docker image crater uses to contain the native deps for a bunch of the most popular stuff.


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