NVPTX funding?


There hasn’t been much progress on NVPTX lately, and I’m wondering if funding could help?

I would be willing to pay for work towards making that target work out-of-the-box on nightly.


I think I have skill and time to do this. I (together with others) ported rustc to ARM.

For a funding option, I support Bountysource. IBM already posted $5000 bounty for Altivec support. If you post bounties to more specific issues (not metabug) I will do them. I think $5000 for all issues listed on metabug seems about right.


That sounds reasonable. Could you suggest amounts for each task? I should be able to post most of them.


@sanxiyn If you could give me numbers for specific issue bounties I will post them. I’d have no idea how to split that $5k up otherwise.