Help verify rustup 1.26.0 release

Hi Everyone,

Rustup 1.26.0 is now staged and ready for beta testing. You can see the changelog at .

The headlines for this release are:

  1. Add rust-analyzer as a proxy of rustup. Now you can call rust-analyzer and it will be proxied to the rust-analyzer component for the current toolchain.
  2. Bump the clap dependency from 2.x to 3.x. It's a major version bump, so there are some help text changes, but the command line interface is unchanged.
  3. Remove experimental GPG signature validation and the rustup show keys command. Due to its experimental status, validating the integrity of downloaded binaries did not rely on it, and there was no option to abort the installation if a signature mismatch happened. Multiple problems with its implementation were discovered in the recent months, which led to the decision to remove the experimental code. The team is working on the design of a new signature validation scheme, which will be implemented in the future.

If you're prepared to give it a go, then you can do the following:

$ rustup self update

This should update your version of Rustup to the 1.26.0 beta release. you can verify that with rustup --version.

Have a play with things, make sure you're not adversely affected by any changes, and then if you want to revert to the current release (1.25.2) just unset RUSTUP_UPDATE_ROOT and rustup self update (or else it'll revert the next time you rustup update without that environment variable set).

Assuming there's no showstoppers, I hope to have 1.26.0 officially released in a week or so. So please tell me ASAP if there're problems that are new to 1.26.0.



Hi, the formatting of the download status is going wrong. I checked this and it works as expected in 1.25.2. Looks like the old text is not being replaced. This is on windows 11 powershell in the terminal app.

However, I do have to give the caveat that Rust things have been a bit broken for me for a while. For example, if I do a cargo update, the text breaks as well, but in a different way.

Not sure if it's my machine or if some Rust terminal library broke.

Do you want reports here or in the issue tracker?

Here's one new issue I noticed. Unknown subcommands give a confusing error message:

> rustup adsf
error: error: Invalid value "adsf" for '<+toolchain>': Toolchain overrides must begin with '+'

For more information try --help
: Toolchain overrides must begin with '+'

The 1.25.2 release just displays the help page, which is a little better.

However, I think even better than that would be to have an explicit error message with some help, like:

error: no such command: `asdf`

…Show a typo suggestion if available.
…Show a list of available subcommands

I think it's more a result of your environment. Because the cargo output doesn't look normal either. rustup doesn't affect the terminal output of cargo. So I think it has more to do with your environment. Thanks for your reply! Maybe someone else with a windows machine can help test it.

Yes. I can reproduce it. Thanks for your testing. I will open an issue and try to fix it. I found that if you try rustup -v, then it will panic.

I'm getting the same behavior with the download progress getting smeared across the screen. I bisected the regression to Update Rust crate term to v0.7.0 by renovate[bot] · Pull Request #3162 · rust-lang/rustup · GitHub.

I might suggest switching from term to termcolor. It is well supported and pretty robust.

This change comes out from clap, you can check out After changing `Arg.validator()` to `Arg.value_parser()`, the behavior of the parsing failure changed · clap-rs/clap · Discussion #4799 · GitHub. I drafted a PR for it. Do you have any ideas about this PR? Thanks!

We did a pre-release again. @diondokter @ehuss Do you mind testing it again? Thanks!

Yes, this new version does the formatting just fine!

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Is there a way to force it to update? I already have 1.26 installed, so it won't reinstall the new version.

env -uRUSTUP_UPDATE_ROOT rustup self update (or just rustup self update if you don't just always run with the beta update url like me) will downgrade, then you can upgrade again.

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