Help us test changes to and

The infra team is planning some changes to the configuration of and

Since most of the Rust community relies on those two websites being available and rolling back Cloudfront changes takes a while, we'd love for the changes to be tested before being deployed to production.

We applied the changes to the staging environment, reachable from the following URLs:

Please try it out and report any issue you see here. Note that most releases are not present on the staging environment (but at least a recent nightly, beta, and stable is available).


Will these changes take a bit to propagate? dev-doc brings me to, and dev-static shows a quite lengthy XML file.

That's the same behavior doc. and static. have. :slight_smile:

If you want to test the docs you can navigate to:

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In that case all seems to be working as expected on my end.

Deployed the changes! Thanks to everyone who took the time to test them on the dev environment :heart:

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