#1 is live. As previously discussed this is a place for the project to maintain developer-oriented documentation that isn’t appropriate material for the website or lacks the quality necessary for the website.

It’s already loaded up with some of the docs I expect there. If you’ve been maintaining important resources useful for other contributors to Rust I’d encourage you to consider whether it deserves a page on the forge.


Not sure if it belongs there, but as far as I know there’s no hosted documentation of the compiler’s internals anymore. This was very useful when writing a plugin.

#3 could be listed in the meantime. Unofficial, and not updated by a schedule (usually once every 2 days though).


Thank you for maintaining this Manish but IMO it really should be updated together with, even if it ends up published somewhere else. (Maybe this new forge is a good place?)

I’ve filed a while ago but didn’t get a response.


I know, I want this to happen too :smile:

I’m saying we can list it as a temporary measure till the infra is up


This is not a suitable place for hosting the compiler docs since this is just a simple jekyll site. This issue explains what I think needs to happen to host the rustc API docs.

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