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Hey all,

I am a Mozillian from Bangladesh and a new contributor of Rust. I am learning RUST for last 1 week and already I have fallen in love. :slight_smile:

I want to organize a RUST release party (or something like this) in Bangladesh. I need a good plan to success this release party. In this event, We will invite some developers and Mozillians. We will take an intro session and show some good demos of this language. We can show them the future of this language and many more. Besides, I want to find out some awesome developers who will continue, learn and teach others.

Now my request to all that please help me to make a good plan. I need a demo plan of this event and the resources which will be used in the event. If this event will success, I can organize more events for RUST.

Last but not least, I just need your help me to organize this event and I promise, it will be an awesome and successful event. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

S. M. Mohi-Us Sunnat ReMo, Bangladesh

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I am so pumped that the subcontinent is having not one, but three release parties! (And an additional regular event two weeks from now)1

Quick introduction: I’m Manish, a student in Mumbai (currently in Hyderabad for the summer). I’ve organized or spoken at events in Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata. I contribute to Servo and these days Rust itself.

Given that India (I assume this also applies to Bangladesh since I’ve not heard otherwise) does not yet have many serious Rust contributors, I’m structuring the event at Bangalore as an intro to the language (starting off with the reasons why other languages are inadequate and the philosophy of Rust, moving on to basic usage), followed up by a long Q&A session and discussion, then lightning talks by attendees, and finally deep dives into certain aspects of the language depending on the audience. I might shuffle the order later.

This plan might work for you, depending on the audience and speaker (you might want to cut down on the lightning talks and deep dives if you think that’s not going to work).

You can find slide decks for Rust on the Internet easily enough (make sure the code isn’t outdated!). I have mine here and one that just focuses on memory management here. I usually don’t use all the slides depending on how I’m planning the talk. You will probably want to reduce the slides too. Check for errors in the code; I have yet to check for any rust upgrade bugs and will be doing so later this week.

I also recommend contacting Gaurab Patra and Avik Pal (also Reps). They’re from West Bengal, and are also very interested in Rust. They may know people in Bengal/Bangladesh (I don’t know what the visa/travel/time situation is so people from Bengal may not work out) or themselves be interested in helping out for the event.

@erickt can probably give additional input here on how to organize the event

1. If anyone’s interested, the events are in Bangalore (conducted by me) and Pune (conducted by Rohan Prinja) next weekend, and there’s another one planned for in Hyderabad the weekend after. I’m slightly sad that my home city isn’t getting in on this action :confounded: ; but if you’re from Mumbai I do plan to try and hold regular Rust events once I’m back.

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I am from Delhi, India. Is there any such event in delhi ? I would love to attend, if there is one.

I like the way Rust combines the power of c (With safety obviously) and the simplicity of scripting languages (Ruby/Python).



Not that I know of, sadly. The only ones I know I’ve listed there and I’m the one hosting two of them (with some organizational help from the Reps). The other two people (that I know of) familiar enough with Rust to give talks are based in Mumbai/Pune. I’m hoping that this will slowly change; I already do know of people around the country spending time and picking Rust up, but very few have started using it (as part of other rust projects, or for their own toy projects, or in production) enough to give talks. I’m also quite optimistic that the coming release parties will have a good part to play in making this happen.

There is one person I know of who knows some Rust in Delhi; but I’m not sure if he’s in touch with it enough to hold an event and give talks. I’ll poke him.



Thanks for sharing those slides. It helps me alot and I definitely contact with them… :slight_smile:


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