New irc channels - #rustc and #rust-libs


We have created two new irc channels - #rustc and #rust-libs for discussion of compiler internals and library internals, respectively. #rust-internals should continue to be used to discuss language design and cross-cutting topics.

The motivation for the change is to encourage more public conversation - people often feel #rustinternals has too much traffic to have detailed discussions. Hopefully splitting discussion between three channels will make for more space for discussion.


Oh well, 2 more tabs to eyeball once in a while.


I should note that this is an experiment and we might revert back to just rust-internals if it is super-unpopular (or create hundreds more channels if it is successful :slight_smile: ).


I’ll take this chance to say that I’ve been also hanging out in #rust-infra hoping that someday it’ll be used for infrastructure discussions. It doesn’t have any official approval but it’d be nice if we could move buildbot’s, homu’s, high-five’s discussions there, for example.