Discussion about RFC discussions and staging (+doodle)

Hi everyone,

we just had a talk in #rust-internals about discussion problems and concepts in the context of RFCs. We discussed a bit whether graph based discussion systems could maybe help here.

Context: A friend and I created a prototype for such a system as our master thesis:

I created a doodle to schedule the next IRC meeting: http://doodle.com/poll/x5eeuwk2nmuwxrru (next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, I will choose a date on Sunday evening CEST / noon PDT and announce the result in this thread)

Feel free to join, if you are interested.



Reminder: I will close the Doodle in about 10 hours.

Ok! The meeting will take place on Tuesday 12th of July at:

  • 11:00 PDT
  • 20:00 CEST

in #rust-internals.

Of course, everybody who is interested can join.

Could I recommend you start a dedicated irc channel for this? It will make it easier to follow the conversation (rust-internals can be pretty high-traffic sometimes).

Sure, we can do that. Do you have a name-suggestion?

We just decided in IRC that we’ll use #rust-tools, because it is already set up and logged.

I suggest that every participant goes through the prototype tutorial before we start, so we have a better base for discussion.

IRC log: https://botbot.me/mozilla/rust-tools/2016-07-12/?msg=69525981&page=1

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