Internals chats?

Is it okay to have sort of "chats" about stuff on here, so that ppl can talk about confusing stuff and whatnot in general? And make it a thing that happens regularly?

Just, like, a weekly thread about confusing stuff in Rust. Where ppl can talk about what they find confusing/surprising/etc without judgment and without making a proposal about it. Where ppl can share their experience learning advanced Rust topics like how Rust uses the same syntax for !0 == -1 and !false == true. Just that so other ppl, those not talking in said chat threads, can collect stuff about how the language is confusing, and what the options for improving the language/the docs/etc are.

I do think this would be spiffy, actually!

But IMHO it'd be far better suited to be hosted on URLO, where you'd get more direct feedback "from the trenches" rather than from "battle-hardened veterans".

The issue being, that in my experience such a thing requires a moderator who keeps the thing going week after week, and who kickstarts the brainstorming. Otherwise it'll likely die off rather quickly.

Said moderator could then bring over the condensed findings over here.


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