The address of this site is now

As part of the plan to introduce a new user-level forum, the address of this forum has been moved to As part of the move I had to reconfigure GitHub authentication, so you’ll have to reauthorize GitHub to access your credentials.

The DNS for still points here temporarily, but logging in through that address will no longer work.

2 Likes is up now as well.

@brson You probably want to add the new user-oriented discuss to the list of alternative resources in the stickied About post, too.

I’m also slightly confused about which topics belong where. Is internals restricted to discussion of the compiler? Also the standard libraries? Only for developers of the compiler and libraries (i.e. exclude initial speculation about new features)?

Internals is for every discussion that currently belonged on Discuss. The new discuss will be a user forum, any general Rust discussion.

@steveklabnik if I read your reply literally, all existing topics should be on the “internals” board and all new topics should be on the “discuss” board (all developers are users too, especially since the compiler is written in its own language).

In case it’s not clear, many usage questions touch on potential modifications to the language or library since it is still evolving very rapidly. And discussions about modification do of course touch on usage. So there is no clear dividing line.

That's not a literal reading, as I said 'currently belonged' and 'general Rust discussion.' But anyway, that's not important.

Yes, they may touch on some kind of modification, just like a random post on Reddit may touch on some kind of modification. But for the process of actually making that modification, or getting more serious than #showerthoughts about it, internals is the right place. "I'm thinking about refactoring part of the compiler," internals. "How do I add one to each number in a list?" users. "When will stdlib functionality x be stable?" either, though arguably you'll get a better answer on internals.

Right now, our community is still fairly small, but post 1.0, it's going to grow a lot, and some people will read just one, some will read the other, and some will read both.

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