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Hello Rust people!

I’m sharing a post from the Mozilla Discourse. I’m coordinating an initiative to help communities to have more impact through delivering Sony Z3C devices to work on a project, or test technical stuff (WebVR, voicebank, etc).

Original Post

Over the last 2 years we delivered dozens of brand new Sony Z3C devices to support communities and Mozillians in an ad hoc way. Since it proved to have value we have decided expand this program.

Starting on April 13th, we will open a form to allow communities and Mozillians to request Sony Z3C devices. We want to help communities improve their impact, and we believe that this is a great opportunity for all. And especially those communities and individuals that don’t have easy access to hardware.

You can apply either as an individual – to help your own work on a project – or on behalf of a community that has a larger project idea. Our main requirement is that you can use this device to increase impact on an active Mozilla initiative, and ideally use this to attract new developers/technical contributors to Mozilla.

Although with great power comes great responsibility!

  • In your request, we will ask you to indicate how this device will help you or your community have an impact on a Mozilla initiative, and how are you planning to measure that impact quantitatively or qualitatively (a brief explanation)
  • If it’s an individual request, we will ask for your Github or Bugzilla handle (or where the project will be based and developed)
  • We ask you to commit to telling us about the impact you have had through a lightweight report, at least two times in the next 3 months

Requests will be reviewed by a committee inside Mozilla, and there will be a maximum amount of devices per request (up to 10, but exceptions can be made).

Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Best regards, Francisco Picolini

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