Disallowing new users to post to this forum?

Hey, when the forum started, wasn’t there talk about disallowing new users to post new threads? There is a lot of people who come here with their random syntax ideas, or help in learning the language (one example from today), without knowing any of the details of the language. It would be nice for there to be a barrier to posting, like SOs reputation system.

@codinghorror, @brson, is there any plans to implement this?

There was never any talk of doing anything specific. Just having them on separate domains was all the barrier that was planned.

The accounts aren’t connected between the two sites, so some kind of ‘earn x points before posting over there’ wouldn’t work anyway.

Thats not how it works on SO (well, you can post to SO on day1, but the point stands).

I do remember there being talk about gating it by reputation by some of the more important people.

Do you think it is a good idea?

I originally had it configured such that a minimum trust level was required to create new topics. This just caused issues, and I don’t think it’s a good idea. Part of having a public forum is dealing with poor quality posts.

@cmr sounds good, thanks for clearing it up.

@cmr was it set to minimum trust level 1 to create new topics? This is pretty easy to achieve (10 minutes reading, enter 5 topics, read 50 posts), and now that you guys have split out the sites the internals site intended for the more technical folks could have slightly more stringent requirements. Up to you though.

We have at least one other customer with the minimum trust level set to 1 to create new posts, bbs.boingboing.net and that goes fine.


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