Dark theme now available for Rust forums

For those who prefer light text on a dark background, this forum (and the users forum) now offers an alternate theme. You can switch themes on the “Interface” panel of the Settings page. You might need to reload your browser tab for the new option to appear.


It could be nice - but please get rid of the colour fade-in animation that occurs when you initially click on a post. It adds no value whatsoever and is so distracting as to delay the point when I can actually start reading the post by several seconds.


The fade-in should be disabled now.

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Much better, thanks.

Another low-priority request: Can you please copy over the equivalent change to the one made in


It would be nice to add support for autodetecting the dark theme based on the newish @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark), which is supported by Safari and Firefox.


Can we please make that header a little bit duller… it sticks out like a sore thumb

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Hm, I'm starting to think perhaps I should separate our CSS customizations out into a theme component that can be added to each theme on both IRLO and URLO, and I think the component's code can live in a repo that people could send pull requests to, and maybe discourse checks for updates automatically? I'm just starting to learn this stuff, if anyone knows if this sounds like a good way to manage this or not, please let me know.

I have a talk to work on for next week, so as much as I'd love to procrastinate by fiddling with CSS, I really shouldn't. I can after the talk's done though.

Do you know what exactly I would need to do to enable this?

Can you detail exactly what changes I should make?


I darkened the headers a bit, while still trying to keep distinct rusty colors for the users and internals forums.

I also applied the change referenced by @scottmcm above.

This sounds nice, and I'll be happy to help out if I have time.


Looks like it would require somewhat complicated changes on Discourse's end; I filed a feature request.

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