Docs' theme is inconsistent with books'

I will preface this with that I'm a very new member of the Rust community.

I have read most of the learner's book and skimmed several others such as by example, the 'nomicon, the linked lists book and design patterns and noticed a consistent theme and style to them. I've noticed that there is a menu to select between 5 themes in these books, and the generated docs only allow 3 and sadly my favorite theme "rust" isn't among them.

I will also add that I would like to contribute to this community and would be willing to submit the pull request myself if and when I am familiar enough to do so, and would appreciate any guidance given in this area.

The short version, themes "rust" and "coal" are missing from docs

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As an initial pointer, the CSS for the rustdoc themes is here and the CSS for the mdbook themes is here, in particular variables.css.


Thanks for the pointer, I could see 2 possible approaches

  1. Add CSS for the missing themes to rustdoc

  2. Replicate the book theme switching design into rustdoc

I think I will focus on doing 1. for now, and if any other themes get added it will make sense to unify them.

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