Feedback wanted for pages design "unification"

Hello everyone!

We've been discussion for some time to try to reduce the differences between the " pages" and the "rustdoc pages". This PR makes a step in that direction.

This is only a first step and we intend to continue changes to make browsing experience. So, what do you think?

Note: screenshots are available in the linked PR!


Unless you're planning to port these same four sidebar tabs to the rustdoc pages themselves (probably replacing the logo?), I'm not sure that it's actually unifying very much. The big problem with the current setup is that the four navigation tabs are present on every page except the rustdoc page, which uses a completely different setup based on the top menu bar.

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I’ve been waiting for this sort of movement for some time but have been unsure where to post or what exactly to say.

In particular, I’m hoping the theming engines are at some point shared between the two projects.

Ayu was recently ported to — but it would be great to see more themes and other features shared, though I’m unsure of the scope of this endeavor.

At any rate, I’m excited and curious to see just what else could be shared between the two projects in general.

(I realize this isn’t necessarily an mdBook + rustdoc unification :stuck_out_tongue:)

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