What's the state of docs.rs?



I’m not sure whether this is a question that should be asked in private or in public as the matter might be a bit sensitive, but I hope asking here is okay, as it was listed as the preferred method of contacting the docs team.

Docs.rs is an awesome service, but it seems to be falling behind w r t compiler versions. It’s currently running a nightly snapshot from (I think) May-June 2018, so crates using new APIs in stable 1.28 (or 1.29, etc) will not compile. I tried filing an issue for this ( https://github.com/onur/docs.rs/issues/233 ), but there has been no response from anyone who can do anything about it even though I’ve been waiting for a month.

I’m not sure what to do about this or how official “docs.rs” is, but since it is so widely used it would be quite bad for the Rust ecosystem if it stopped working.

Again, I really appreciate docs.rs and I don’t want to point fingers at anyone that has graciously been providing something without asking for anything in return - I’m just sad to see it slowly deteriorating by not staying up-to-date, and wanted to raise the issue somehow.


Earlier this year, the owner of the project agreed to join the docs team, make it an official project, and give the rest of the team access to infrastructure so we could help improve things. That transition has taken some time, and still isn’t done yet.

We also care about it, but these things happen sometime; once the transition is done, the bus factor will have gone up significantly, so hopefully this kind of thing won’t happen again in the future.


Thanks for the answer - is there some kind of a rough timeline for when docs.rs will back on its feet, or are you basically waiting at this point?

(From a more practical perspective I wonder if things will start to work “soon”, or if one should make the effort to switch over to gh-pages for the time being…)