don't build docs for procedural macro

Hi, after release last version of my crate (a procedural macro library) I saw that the documentation on is missing. On there is just a rstest-0.4.1 is not a library. message with Crate and Source tabs but no Docs.

I've dig a little and I noted that every procedural macro crate released in the last days have the same behavior.

Now I don't know if it is related to the lest changes on or just a bug, but I would like to know if it is what I should expect for the next releases. I filled a bug on but I haven't received any feedback :frowning:

Somebody know what's happening?

Recently has cut off network access and made everything outside target/ read-only. Do you accidentally rely on any of these?

No ... I guess. I'm creating and deleting files just in tests but never at compile time.

The crate use a simple script to catch nightly channel and a very small set of dependencies.


cfg-if ^0.1
itertools ^0.8
proc-macro2 ^1.0
quote ^1.0
rustc_version ^0.2
syn ^1.0


lazy_static ^1.1
pretty_assertions ^0.6
temp_testdir ^0.2
toml_edit ^0.1
unindent ^0.1.4

Have you see any procedural macro crate where docs is rendered in the last 4 days? In any case, when a limitation is hit should be present a message that explain this case and not just is not a library... Isn't it?


Ok... It's a bug :smile:

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