[compiler-team] making it easer to contribute to rustc

In our “proactive” meeting today, the compiler team focused on what we can do to improve the onboarding experience for new compiler developers. This etherpad contains notes from the discussion, but the immediate action items were as follows:

  • Assemble cookbook of handy ./x.py commands (mgattozzi)
    • how to run the rustc you build?
      • where is the output directory
      • also, if you prefer, how to use rustup toolchain link so you can get rustc +stage1 and so forth to work
    • how to use RUST_LOG and the role of debug!
  • Assemble lists of high-level docs that need to be written (nmatsakis)
    • each crate, for example
    • assign them to various people
    • also the overall structure and the setup of the lifetimes
    • Once crates are documented:
      • move on to document the modules
      • maybe then we can worry about individual types etc
  • Host rustdocs on forge somehow (mgattozzi)
  • Reorganize forge to better guide people, and advertise it more broadly (not assigned!)

More suggestions and feedback would be very welcome!


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