Cargo team changes

Jacob Finkelman (eh2406), Eric Huss (ehuss), Dale Wijnand (dwijnand), and I (Nick Cameron, nrc) are joining the Cargo team. Jacob, Eric, and Dale have been contributing to Cargo, attending meetings, and bringing all kinds of insight to the team. Adding them to the team is a reflection of reality and well-deserved. Thanks for coming on board!

I will be leading the Cargo team. I’m looking forward to working with the team on making Cargo even more awesome!

Aaron Turon (aturon) and Aleksey Kladov (Matklad) are moving to alumni status - they’ve both done a lot for Cargo - thank you!


:tada: Congratz :balloon::champagne: too all! :tada:


I wanted to say I’m very happy to see the work of more contributors be recognized in this way, and I think the seemingly added attention/resources will allow Cargo to be that much greater.


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