1.40.0 pre-release testing!

The 1.40.0 pre-release is ready for testing. Rust 1.40.0 is scheduled to be released on Thursday December 19th. Release notes can be found here: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/blob/master/RELEASES.md ; note that we forgot to backport release notes to stable this time around, and barring other bugs (that make us reproduce the artifacts) it probably won't be in the tarballs.

You can try it out locally with:

RUSTUP_DIST_SERVER=https://dev-static.rust-lang.org rustup update stable

The index is https://dev-static.rust-lang.org/dist/2019-12-16/index.html.

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That index link doesn't load properly for me. Network inspector shows it keeps fetching 256KB requests, and I see a ton of duplicates as it loads (when Firefox isn't struggling to redraw it again).

I am seeing similar behavior -- was hoping it was just me -- but the files should be in there. Here's a raw listing: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Mark-Simulacrum/3e1f7983346464c1daf1d4d239830d53/raw/e12fb88fc77d846bf5b5037fb81f5e1ee01a7774/gistfile1.txt

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I've just noticed that the commit tagged 1.40 does not have release notes for 1.40: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/tree/1.40.0. is this expected (EDIT: :man_facepalming:, original post says so )?

As I mentioned before, and it turns out that there were not any other bugs noticed that would cause us to re-create the release, especially with our recent CI flakiness.

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