Rust 1.72.0 pre-release testing

The 1.72.0 pre-release is ready for testing. The release is scheduled for August 24. Release notes can be found here.

You can try it out locally by running:

RUSTUP_DIST_SERVER= rustup update stable

The index is

The release team is also thinking about changes to our pre-release process: we'd love your feedback on this GitHub issue.


Oh that cfg-ed out definitions change looks delightful


It appears that we forgot to match commit 8f395dfe from 1.71.1, which was a backport of commit 67b59904 in rust#113373 that landed in 1.73.

edit: fixed in [stable] backport lint-docs fix by Mark-Simulacrum · Pull Request #115083 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub

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